2018, August
Research pavilion by Alexander Sehlström to be exhibited at Wood & Technology 2018 fair.

2018, September
The group is hosting the Advances in Architectural Geometry conference and workshops in 2018, AAG2018.
Workshop: 2018-09-22—23
Conference: 2018-09-24—25
AAG2018 Webpage

2018, November
AHA! Festival, November 19-21
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2018, February
25 % PhD seminar: Alexander Sehlström

2017, November
AHA! Festival – Art x Science, November 20-22
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10 % PhD seminar: Jens Olsson

2017, October
Chris Williams and Alexander Sehlström attended Expert’s discussion on the Mannheim Multihalle, built in 1974, and the upcoming refurbishment scheme.

2017, September
Emil Adiels, Mats Ander, Jens Olsson, Alexander Sehlström and Chris Williams attended and presented their work at the IASS 2017 Symposium in Hamburg.

2017, February
10 % PhD Seminar: Erica Henrysson

10 % PhD Seminar: Alexander Sehlström

2016, October
AHA! Festival – Art x Science October 31-November 2.
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Mats Ander and Alexander Sehlström presented extended abstracts at NSCM 29.

2016, April
The group hosted the SmartGeometry conference in 2016: sg2016.