Swiss around in 144 hours

In October 2018 we went on our yearly study trip to Switzerland along with our third year Architecture and Engineering students. Here follows (in Swedish) an attempt by Alexander to describe the journey, some of his impressions and a reflection on the study trip as a tool.

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Wood Fusion Pavilion

The Wood Fusion Pavilion 2018 has been exhibited at the Wood Products & Technology fair in Gothenburg 28-31 August. The pavilion explores the possibility of strengthening an actively bent geodesic timber gridshell by the addition of pre-stressing cables.

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The Architecture and Engineering Research Group is proud to be in the organization team for the Advances in Architectural Geometry symposium 2018 (AAG2018). The 2018 symposium is due in September starting with workshops 22-23 followed by conference 24-25, all at Chalmers University of Technology.

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