(in)Formed by Wind, by Erica Hörteborn, exhibited at SPARK Malmö

Knitted, kinetic designprototype: (in)Formed by wind

May 6th – June 5th, 2022

Opening Friday May 6th 18-21

There is something intriguing in the way a textile moves in the wind. Through the flexibility and adaptability of a lighter textile it is possible to create structures in motion with soft, billowing shapes that seem to dance with the motion of the air.

(in)Formed by Wind at SPARK exhibits a kinetic, knitted, design prototype that challenges and explores the textile material within architecture. In the installation, wind is both used and dampened, merging art, engineering, architecture. The project is part of Erica Hörteborn’s research at Chalmers, where she is working at the intersection of material, form and force. As part of an ongoing exploration, (in)Formed by Wind is seeking new forms of expression through exploring the loop structure of the knit and its ability to create a three-dimensional effect on the surface level as well as on an architectural scale.

The exhibition takes place at SPARK, at Båstadsgatan 4 Malmö