• Isogeometric Analysis and Form Finding
    Autumn 2018
    Joel Hilmersson, supervisor: Jens Olsson, examiner: Mats Ander
  • To Knit a Beam
    Autumn 2018
    Malin Borgny and Linda Wallander, supervisor: Delia Dumitrescu, examiner: Mats Ander


  • Stressing timber: An exploration of the use of prestressing in timber structures through the design of a lecture pavilion
    Spring 2018
    Johanna Isaksson and Mattias Skeppstedt, supervisor: Alexander Sehlström, examiner: Mats Ander
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  • Structural design exploration in tall buildings: Development of a stiffness driven design methodology for understanding and developing stabilizing concepts in an early design stage
    Autumn 2017
    Samuel Eliasson, supervisor: Jens Olsson, examiner: Mats Ander